Other Products

I will start with the smallest and work my way up. Not everything will be listed but it will give you an idea of the cost of buying from me direct.

By numbering the items below you have a point of reference if you have a question

  1. Jar Helper
  2. Catnip Toy
  3. Single Pot holders
  4. Hand knitted dish clothes
  5. Doggie Collar Scarves. These have a slot there you put the collar through and they sit on the dogs back.
  6. Bowl Holder
  7. Plastic Bag holders
  8. Triple layer hotpad
  9. Clothes Pin Bag holder
  10. Potholders sets
  11. Reversible Baby Bibs
  12. Sets of Napkins
  13. Poly pellet Frogs
  14. Long Handled shopping bag
  15. Hand knitted hats
  16. Triangle Santa
  17. Tea Cozy
  18. Fully lined pouches on a cord with a velcro top
  19. Cold Snowman
  20. Lounging mermaid
  21. Pillowcase Doll
  22. Denim Dog or Denim Cat
  23. Denim Santa
  24. First size hand knitted cardigan (3 – 6 months). Now offering items knitted in other fibers and are priced according to the fiber.
  25. Draft Catchers
  26. Casserole Caddies
  27. Table Centerpieces and Table Runners
  28. Flag Garland
  29. Adult double fleece mittens
  30. Adult fleece hats
  31. Teabag holder (for when you want to take your own teabags with you a pouch to hold them.
  32. Reversible Adult Apron
  33. Attached potholders
  34. And more…

All quilts are priced according to the price of the fabrics and the batting used quotes can be given.